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Tong Yubing

17 RUE Pasteur, 38400, Saint Martin D’heres, France

(Office) 33(0) 476514831

Email:   ybtongbuaa@hotmail.com (always available)




 Over 5 years academic and industrial experience in video & image processing and machine vision; employing a wide variety of?signal processing, visual perception

computing, machine learning and high performance & parallel computing methods oriented large scale data in multimedia indexing.

  Excellent communication & teamwork skills

  Experience in project development and execution

  Strong publication record in conferences & journals





Sep2002–Jan 2007       PhD. in electrical engineering with concentration on communication & information system

Department of Electronics and Information Engineering

Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics), Beijing, China

                                   Dissertation: Study of Image Quality and H.264 Video Coding Technology


Sep 1999–Jul 2002       M.S in electrical engineering with concentration on pattern recognition & intelligent system

                                   Department of Electronics and Information Engineering

                                   Wuyi University, Guangdong, China

Thesis: Fuzzy Frequency Convertible Controller for Intelligent Home Appliances


Research and working experience

Jan. 2011~Present

University of Pennsylvania/MIPG, Philadelphia. Medical Image processing, especially on MRI imaging and processing: image segmentation, recognition and 3D and 4D tissue models


Jan 2010~Dec.2010
CNRS(Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) / UJF(University Joseph Fourier, France): Postdoctoral research fellow
 In CNRS/UJF/MRIM group which has been involved in Quaero , a broad pan-European collaborative research program 
for developing multimedia, 
multilingual indexing and management tools. Main work is parallel learning for multimedia indexing on Grid5000, France National Grid. 
Jan 2009~Dec 2009
CNRS/Laboratoire Hubert Curien(Universit?Jean Monnet / Universit?de Lyon, France): Postdoctoral research fellow on video &image saliency detection and it application

Nov 2006~Dec 2008

Arcsoft Co., Ltd/MT Department, Shanghai. (Multimedia solutions provider for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG): Video software engineer and development project manager on video codec optimization oriented embedded platform


Jan 2006~Oct 2006

Beihang Institute of Unmanned Aircraft &Vehicle Technology, (Beijing): Group head in the cooperation project on H.264 video compressing system oriented ADSP-BF561


Jul 2004~Dec 2005

Electrical System Lab. in Beihang University (China): 

  Linux device driver developer: Linux device driver development for the embedded CCD in the cooperation project between University and Motorola “MPEG-4 video surveillance system based on i.MXL.?/span>

  Image processing and perception

  Still image compressing & identification


Jan 2004~Jun 2004

Lenovo Academe / Lonovo Corp.Beijing: Intern on MPEG2 software engineer



Recent publishing



Tong Yubing, Fahad Fazal Elahi Guraya,Faouzi Alaya Cheikh, Hubert Konik and Alain Tremeau. A Visual Saliency Model for Perception-based Video Surveillance (accepted by Journal of Cognitive Computing 2010, Springer)
Yubing Tong. Hubert Konik, Alain Tremeau. Full reference image quality assessment based on saliency map analysis (International Journal of Imaging Science and Technology, 2010 / Accepted). (PDF)
Y.B.Tong, D.K.Yang, Q.S.Zhang. Wavelet Kernel Support Vector Machines for Sparse ApproximationJournal of Electronics (China), v23,n4,2006,539-542. 



Bahjat Safadi, Yubing Tong, Georges Quénot. Incremental learning for active learning based Multi-learners for image indexing (Accepted by MMM2011/Multimedia Modeling). 


Tong Yubing, Bahjat Safadi, Georges Quénot. Incremental Multi-Classifier Learning Algorithm on Grid5000 for Large Scale Image Annotation (Accepted by ACM VLS-MCMR 2010 conjunction with ACM MM 2010). (PDF)


Tong Yubing, Hubert Konik and Alain Tremeau. Color Face-Tuned Salient detection For Image Quality Assessment. (EUVIP 2010/ Invited paper). (PDF)


Yubing Tong. Hubert Konik, Faouzi Alaya Cheikh, Fahad Fazal Elahi Guraya and Alain Tremeau. Multi-Feature based visual saliency detection in surveillance video (accepted by IEEE VCIP2010). (PDF)
Fahad Fazal Elahi Guraya, Faouzi Alaya Cheikh, Alain Tremeau, Yubing Tong and Hubert Konik. Predictive Saliency Maps for Surveillance Videos (Accepted by DCABES 2010)

Fahad Fazal Elahi Guraya, Ali Shariq Imran, Yubing Tong, Faouzi Alaya Cheikh. A Non-reference Quality Metric Based on Visal Attention Model for Videos (accepted by IEEE ISSPA2010).(PDF)

Y.B.TongQ.Chang, Q.S.Zhang. Image Quality Assessing by Using Neural Network and Support Vector Machines. The 5th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, IEEE, Dalian, China, 2006.8,Vol7:3987-3990. (PDF)

D.K.Yang. Y.B.Tong. Q.S.Zhang. Sparse Approximation Based on Wavelet Kernel SVM, Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, IEEE, Guangzhou, 2005.8, 4249-4253. (PDF)

Y.B.Tong. PhD Thesis:  The research on image quality assessment and H.264 video coding technology, Dec. 26th. 2006 (Abstract in PDF).