Image and Video Indexing using Networks of Operators, Stéphane Ayache and Georges M. Quénot, EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing, Vol 2007, Article ID 56928, 13 pages, 2007

This article presents a framework for the design of concept detection systems for image and video indexing. This framework integrates in a homogeneous way all the data and processing types. The semantic gap is crossed in a number of steps, each producing a small increase in the abstraction level of the handled data. All the data inside the semantic gap and on both sides included are seen as a homogeneous type called {\em numcept} and all the processing modules between the various numcepts are seen as a homogeneous type called {\em operator}. Concepts are extracted from the raw signal using networks of operators operating on numcepts. These networks can be represented as data-flow graphs and the introduced homogenizations allow fusing elements regardless of their nature. Low-level descriptors can be fused with intermediate of final concepts.