Synchronous Orthogonal Dynamic Programming for Particle Image Velocimetry postscript, pdf, Georges M. Quénot, 9th (Millenium) International Symposium on Flow Visualization, pp 378.1-8, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 22-25 August, 2000

This paper presents an improvement of the Orthogonal Dynamic Programming optical flow technique that permits a better use of all the available information during the iterative search of the vector field in the case of stereo PIV. The two-component apparent vector fields are computed simultaneously (synchronously) for all available viewpoints. Coherency constraints issued from the geometry of the experimental setup and based upon the existence of a global three-component vector field are applied at each global step of the iterative search. Tests carried out using the Standard Images from the Visualization Society of Japan shows a small improvement in accuracy and a significant improvement in robustness.