A Standard Protocol for Quantitative Performance Evaluation of PIV Systems postscript, pdf, Georges M. Quénot and Koji Okamoto, 9th (Millenium) International Symposium on Flow Visualization, pp 248.1-10, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 22-25 August, 2000

A protocol for quantitative performance evaluation of PIV systems using the VSJ Standard Images has been developed. This protocol includes programs (with C source code) to perform the quantitative performance measure and a standard way to display the results in order to permit easy system performance evaluation and comparison.
There are actually three distinct protocols, dedicated respectively to the evaluation of PIV systems on three different types of PIV problems addressed through three different types of Standard Images: recovering the two in-plane components of a roughly 2D flow, recovering the two in-plane components of a 3D flow, and recovering all three components of a 3D flow using multiple viewpoints (always in a planar section of the flow illuminated by a thin laser sheet).
Example of use and sample results are given using the LIMSI-CLIPS ODP-PIV system. Extensions for the evaluation of PIV system in noisy conditions are also proposed.