The ETCA Data-Flow Functional Computer for Real-Time Image Processing, Georges M. Quénot and Bertrand Zavidovique, IEEE International Conference on Computer Design, pages 492-495, Cambridge MA, USA, 14-16 October 1992.

This paper presents a data-flow computer, constituted of a large array of data-flow processors and programmed using a functional language, and its application to real-time image processing.
The approach integrates tightly and efficiently the data-flow architecture principle and the functional programming concept. It leads to a very simple and regular hardware. It also provides a very efficient and user-friendly software interface for application development. It remains applicable in systems that includes processors of different granularity.
An experimental system, including 1024 low-level custom data-flow processors (6 x 25 MBytes/s, 50 million operations per second) and 3 `T800' transputers, was built and several image processing algorithms were run in real time at digital video speed.