Classifier Fusion for SVM-Based Multimedia Semantic Indexing, Stéphane Ayache, Georges Quénot and Jérôme Gensel, 29th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR'07), Rome, 2-5 April, 2007.

Concept indexing in multimedia libraries is very useful for users searching and browsing but it is a very challenging research problem as well. Combining several modalities, features or concepts is one of the key issues for bridging the gap between signal and semantics. In this paper, we present three fusion schemes inspired from the classical early and late fusion schemes. First, we present a kernel-based fusion scheme which takes advantage of the kernel basis of classifiers such as SVMs. Second, we integrate a new normalization process into the early fusion scheme. Third, we present a contextual late fusion scheme to merge classification scores of several concepts. We conducted experiments in the framework of the official TRECVID'06 evaluation campaign and we obtained significant improvements with the proposed fusion schemes relatively to usual fusion schemes.