Implementing Image Processing Applications on a Real-Time Architecture, Georges M. Quénot, Christophe Coutelle, Jocelyn Sérot and Bertrand Zavidovique, Computer Architectures for Machine Perception, New Orleans, Lousiana, USA, 15-17 December, 1993.

This paper presents three examples of real-time image processing applications that were implemented on a data-flow architecture developed at the ETCA.
Low-level image processing is performed on a regular three-dimensional network of 1024 custom data-flow processors. Image features previously extracted in the low-level step are handled by a two-dimensional network of 12 general purpose processors. Fast prototyping of real-time image processing applications is achieved through a programming environment including a complete stream from functional programming specification to network configuration.
A large class of algorithms can be implemented. Among them we describe a non-linear filter, a connected component labeling and a colored object tracking.