A Data-Flow Functional Computer for Real-Time Image Processing, Georges M. Quénot and Bertrand Zavidovique, 25th Annual Asilomar Conference on Signals,Systems and Computers, volume 2, pages 1062-1066, Pacific Grove CA, USA, 4-6 November 1991.

We present a data-flow computer, constituted of an array of data-flow processors, dedicated to real-time image processing. A custom processor, able to perform up to 50 millions of operations per second on 25 Mbytes/s data-flows, have been developped for low-level computations and T800 transputers are used for high level ones.
The data-flow computer is programmed in a pure functional style (Backus) programming language with a single formalism for both types of processors.
An experimental system including 256 low-level data-flow processors and 1 transputer has been built and several image processing algorithm have run on it in real time at digital video speed. This system will be extended very soon to 1024 low-level processors and 32 high level processors.