A Temperature and Voltage Measurement Cell for VLSI Circuits, Georges M. Quénot, Nicolas PARIS and Bertrand Zavidovique, EURO ASIC Conference, pages 334-338, Paris, France, 28-31 May 1991.

A Temperature and Voltage Measurement Cell (TVM Cell) for VLSI circuits has been developed. It requires less than 1 mm2 of core area (for a 2 micron CMOS technology) and only 4 I/O pins. It can be integrated into any CMOS VLSI circuit. It permits the measurement of the Circuit Die Temperature (T) and its Core Power Supply Voltage (V) while the chip is operated normally in a system.
It achieved simultaneously an accuracy better than 50 mV and 3 Kelvins. Output values are averages of the parameters during a 1 ms period.