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Venue to Grenoble

The CBMI workshop will be held in the city of Grenoble, in the north of the French Alps. Grenoble is 100 km south-east from Lyon.

To reach Grenoble by plane, notice that is more much more convenient to arrive at Lyon airport (LYS, 100km from Grenoble) and then to take a shuttle bus to the train station of Grenoble (one bus every hour see here, return ticket at 33€).

You may get data about tourism in Grenoble from the web site of the tourism office.

Venue to the workshop

The workshop location is the Maison Jean Kuntzmann, or MJK. The tram station nearby is "Bibliothèque Universitaire". Tram lines A and B reach this stop from the city of Grenoble. You may also need the map of the public transportation tram lines here (tram line A direction "Plaine des sports", line B direction "Condillac Universités), or have a look at the semitag site (the Grenoble public transports company). The public transportation is well-organised in Grenoble, with frequent buses and trams.


Below is a list of availables hotels in Grenoble not far from a tram station from where you can reach easily the workshop location.