My research takes place at the crossroads between informatics, cognitive science and biology/medicine. It is aimed at the design of ambient systems capable of autonomous and situated interaction with their physical and human environment. Such systems are provided with cooperation, adaptation and focusing abilities. Their design stem from the field of distributed artificial intelligence. The agents are situated, i.e. anchored functionally, spatially and temporally. They are autonomous, i.e. able to reason and to decide in a context-sensitive and proactive way. Typical fields of application have been the interpretation of biomedical images and the monitoring of patients in intensive care units.

I have been more recently involved in the follow-up of human activity, for monitoring purposes, or as a way to support and mediate human collaboration (with an application to tangible interaction). The idea is to consider both the individual and social dimensions of human activity, combining objective and subjective evaluation styles. Rather than aimed at providing an accurate and complete description of this activity, the system’s goal is rather to frame the interpretation processes according to these various universes of discourse and to provide a so-called “informed virtual feedback”. A normative multi-agent designing approach is proposed to this end. 

Projets en cours

  • Thèse de Lauren Thévin
    Collaborations : Olivier Boissier, Julie Dugdale
    Un article récent : L. ThévinF. Badeig, J. Dugdale, O. Boissier, C. Garbay: Un système multi-agent normatif pour la collaboration et l'interaction mixte, 18èmes Journées Francophones des Systèmes Multi-Agents (JFSMA), Oct 2014, Loriol-sur-Drôme, France. pp.1-10
  • Collaborations : François Portet (GETALP), Sybille Caffiau (IIHM)
    Un article récent : B. A. Baez Miranda, S. Caffiau, C. Garbay, F. Portet, Task based model for récit generation from sensor data: an early experiment, 5th International Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative, Jul 2014, France. pp.1--10
  • Collaborations : Vanda Luengo (METAH), Francis Jambon (Multicom)

Projets récents

  • Suivi Personnalisé du Combattant (REI DGA) - Thèse de Benoît Vettier
    Collaborations : Laure Amate (ISEN Brest) et Pierre Baconnier (Laboratoire TIMC)
    Un article récent : B. Vettier, C. Garbay, Abductive Agents for Human Activity Monitoring, International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools, World Scientific Publishing, 2014, pp.1-34
  • Projet IMAGIT - ANR CONTINT - Post-Doc de Fabien Badeig
    Collaborations : Jean Caelen (MULTICOM-LIG) et Christophe Kolski (LAMIH Valenciennes)
    Un article récent : F. Badeig, C. Garbay, Supporting distant human collaboration under tangible environments : A normative multiagent approach, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART 2014), Mar 2014, France. Volume 2 - Agents, pp.1-6
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